Pokemon X - Game View... so far

Alright, so… some people *cough cough, Gianna, cough* may have already completed the game, but I have not yet made it to the 2nd gym yet. (I know, I know. I’m slow. I blame too many gaaames. And work. Gotta work to get money for gaaaames… and life :P )

But I already have a pretty good impression of the game.

Influx - Game View

http://store.steampowered.com/app/246980/ ($10 for WIndows)

Influx was a game that seemed to come out of nowhere. I hadn’t heard of it until I found a coupon to buy it. I’m definitely glad I bought it. Read More...

GTA V - Game View

It’s been awhile since my last update. Been busy with work, and too many games.

Much of my game time has been occupied by Grand Theft Auto 5, as I’m sure many other people have been doing the same.
I was never able to get into the previous GTA games. They just didn’t appeal to me. However, over the last few years I’ve been more interested in the more free-form, open-world games such as Just Cause 2, Borderlands 1 and 2, Batman Arkham trilogy, Fallout 3, Prototype 2, Far Cry 2/3, etc.

And of course, this new one was meant to be the “definitive open world game” type thing. And I fall too easily into the hype for new games, so I picked it up.

Miasmata - Game View


This game.


This game has completely captivated my game-playing time this week. I’m about 8 hours into the game, and just… I’m finding it difficult to stop thinking about it.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the MYST series. Based on screenshots of this game alone, it’s easy to compare the game to MYST.

You’re on an island. Given no information to start with about what to do. You don’t know why you’re there, how you got there. Read More...

Games - September 2013

Luckily for me, September is a slow month when it comes to new games. I’ll be able to keep catching up on some other games.

So many games on my current backlog, and I lose track of my ‘extended backlog’ :P Read More...

Cookie Clicker - Game View

Sometimes a game can be as simple as clicking a single button.

No other requirement. No strategy. No challenge. No winning. No Losing.

Just click the button.

Games - August 2013

Quick list of games I’m been playing in August, or will play.


Saints Row IV - Game View

Saints Row IV just came out on Tuesday, available for most consoles, and Windows. (Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/206420/ )

Last summer, on a whim, I picked up Saints Row: The Third and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I had never played the first two games, so wasn’t sure what to expect.

It’s a very silly game. Tons of customization, tons of exploration, tons of killing anything you feel like killing, going anywhere you want to go, doing anything in any order, lots of satire of other games / popular things / anything, and MUCH sophomoric humor (I could elaborate, but I’d rather not. :P ) Read More...

Gone Home - Game View

First up is “Gone Home” by The Fullbright Company (Link to Steam page, for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.)

This was a VERY short game. Took me 3 hours to get through, although likely could be completely in much less time.

The entirety of the game takes place in a large house. You can pick up objects, rotate them, and put them back. Read More...