Miasmata - Game View


This game.


This game has completely captivated my game-playing time this week. I’m about 8 hours into the game, and just… I’m finding it difficult to stop thinking about it.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the MYST series. Based on screenshots of this game alone, it’s easy to compare the game to MYST.

You’re on an island. Given no information to start with about what to do. You don’t know why you’re there, how you got there.

In Miasmata, you start with a journal, and a blank map. Nothing else.
But these two items will be absolutely vital for the entirety of the game.
It’s not common where a game gives you all the tools you need right at the start, and have it work so well.

Technically, you can go anywhere and do anything right away. But you likely won’t get far without putting some thinking and careful planning into it.

Basically, you’re a scientist trying to find a cure for a plague. So you will use your map to navigate across the island, finding plants which can be used to create different medicine, and parts of a cure.

You’re given so little information to begin with. You do not interact with anyone though. Everything is told through notes you will find and add to your journal.

You will have a VERY difficult time navigating without your map. But your map will remain pretty barren other than parts that you discover through notes. You will have to rely on cartography to CREATE(or rather, unhide) the map yourself, through triangulation. It works amazingly well, and makes me want to go outside and try doing it myself.

The game is beautiful. The island is HUGE, and completely free-roaming. You can go anywhere, with no loading screens between any areas or whatnot.

But you will want to be prepared. Bring some water with you. Some medicine to stave off the plague fever, and beware of The Creature which will hunt you.

All-in-all, this is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. It can seem simple, but it’s all done so very well.

There’s times where I’m checking my (in-game) watch, plotting where to go next, wondering if I can make it there before nighttime hits (Where you basically can’t see anything). Wondering how fast I can go, what directly, without falling off a cliff or something.

My map shows a tent somewhere vaguely to the north-east. Can I get this rare plant there safely? Will there be a research hub there where I can synthesize some medicine I desperately need?

Oh good, there’s a known area just to the south with the last ingredient for Agent Y I need. Maybe I can go there.

OH BUT NO. I’m getting close, and suddenly I hear loud heartbeats. It’s my heartbeat. I’ve sensed that The Creature is near. I need to hide to prevent being found, otherwise The Creature will start stalking me and claw me to death.

Seriously, I hate that Creature. Whenever I see him starting to come in my general area, I pretty much think I’m doomed. Since I haven’t yet figured out how to properly evade him or hide.
But luckily I save often, every time I make it to a research station, or a tent, or a campsite. If I die, just start from last saved spot.

However, currently I’m lost in some upper region of the map, and can’t find any known landmarks in order to triangulate my position, so I am basically walking blind through the forest. Great.

I’ll figure it out though.

And that’s part of why I love this game. There’s so many ways to play it, and just being able to explore it, and it just makes you FEEL like you’re actually there. Like what you do MATTERS.

It’s definitely an experience. One I am definitely enjoying. So glad I got this game and actually played it.