Cookie Clicker - Game View

Sometimes a game can be as simple as clicking a single button.

No other requirement. No strategy. No challenge. No winning. No Losing.

Just click the button.

That is what Oreteil’s [Cookie Clicker]( "Cookie Clicker") is, essentially.

Then what is it about it which has captivated so many people?
What is it about it that has captivated ME so fiercely?

Maybe it’s the deceptive simplicity of it. And the silly graphics.

The progression. The desire to get MORE.

And of course, I see it, and I’m clicking and getting more cookies, and I see the PATTERNS. And I want to unravel the secrets of those patterns.

So I basically start writing down every data point, and form a spreadsheet which can automatically calculate cookies and building cost, and how long it’ll take for the next level.

And of course, since everything can change overnight, it may require “re-balancing” of my spreadsheet next time I load it up.

But it’s still interesting.
I don’t know precisely why.


So for me, it’s more than just clicking the button. It’s about finding out what to trade my cookies for, to get the absolute most efficient ‘bang-for-my-buck’

So after spending HOURS trying to find the right formulas and values and “Cost increase”, it stops being so mysterious, and now I feel like I have a sort of secret power over the whole thing. A sort of power that can help you be 'better’ than the game, without cheating.

So while I’m waiting the next 39.27 minutes to purchase my 48th Time Machine (granting me an additional 436,378.4 cookies per second) I’m here pondering why I’m so fascinated with a game about cookies.

It’s a game, but not so sure exactly what kind of game to classify it as. Not a normal game, but it’s something.

And I hear they’re making a cellphone version. uh oh.

I’m surprised how it’s just sitting there, free. (Of course, you can donate to support the site, if you’re generous)

I wonder how much success they’d have if they had a “Pay $0.99 for an instant X number of cookies” based on how many cookies you have, and how many you earn per second.

But I’m not about to get into the whole “Free” vs. “Free-to-Play” vs “Premium” debate. That’s for a COMPLETELY different post. :P

So anyway, long story short…. COOKIES.

I blame you, PiranhaBat.

UPDATE 8/27:

Of course, today’s update added MILK, so now my entire spreadsheet is off balance, since I have ZERO idea how to factor “milk” into everything. BAH!!!!