The Sexy Brutale - Game View

Yesterday, I lost track of time, because practically all day I was playing this game.
I really like this game! Everything just works well together.
Your goal is to prevent the murder of various guests of this mansion.
Everyone dies during the same day, but you have the ability to start the day over whenever you want.
This lets you take the time to watch and see where people are going throughout the day. (And your map will keep track of what you've seen, you can always see where you've seen someone, at what time.)
As you prevent the murder of someone, you gain the power of their mask, and gain access to a new area of the mansion.
So as you progress, you've got more areas available to you, and you see where people you've already seen have crossed paths of other people you're trying to see.

It really strikes me as clever how the developers were able to make it so intuitive how to follow a character. And there's not really any penalty for rewinding a day, so you are able to basically take all the time you need to watch everyone, and carefully plan things.
Even though the end solution tends to be something relatively simple, it still gives me a sense of satisfaction to successfully solve each puzzle.

So yeah, I'm really satisfied with this game.
Here's the game page on Steam: The Sexy Brutale