That game made me MAD

So. This is the story of a game that made me mad.
The game is called "PERFECT ANGLE: The puzzle game based on optical illusions".
As the name suggests, it's a game that has you rotating an object to uncover the secret shape contained within.
Sort of like an OK Go video.
Except without all the fun.

Now, this is a game that is available on Steam for usual price of $13.
However, it looks and feels like a mobile game that has been slapped up on Steam without any changes. And after doing some research, it appears that's exactly what it is.

The controls aren't great. The levels are all over the place, ranging from easy to "how does that even make sense", with some odd "objects" that you're supposed to find.
There is a story/narrative that is woven in between levels, but the writing is so horrible, and often feels like the game is in a fight with itself to decide whether to have the object match the story, or to have the story match the object. Either way, it never feels cohesive.

Again, some levels are so convoluted, that you cannot solve it without using a "hint".
They give you 10 hint tokens to start, but you'll run out quickly. And when you do, they're ready to sell you more hint tokens for $2.
This is a game that you already bought for $13 (well, $8.44 on sale). And they're wanting you to pay more for hint tokens.
And there's tons of billboards and posters within the game advertising their other mobile games.
Again, in a game that you already paid for for $13.

What a horrible mess of a game.
And I'm not the only one who feels that way. Check out this hilarious article on RockPaperShotgun that does a good job expressing my thoughts. (Although he dwells mostly on the story, I feel it gives a good indication of the quality of the rest of the game.)

I am so disappointed. I went in to the game wanting to like it. I wanted SO MUCH to like it. And I was let down.

My recommendation, buy Shadowmatic on iOS/AppleTV for $2.99.
It is vastly superior in every way imaginable, and doesn't have a story hamfisted into it.
It also includes hint-tokens, which yes there is an option to buy more, but they're generously given out for free when you complete a level, that I have more hint tokens than I would ever need.
Shadowmatic is a beautiful game. The levels are gorgeous, and the controls are perfect.
It is the standard that I was hoping that "Perfect Angle" would live up to.

So yeah, for a fantastic puzzle game based on optical illusions, just stick with Shadowmatic.