Overwatch - Game View

Oh hey there! Been awhile, I know.
I have a lot of posts that I've been meaning to write, but been too distracted by other things, such as work and games.

Especially [Overwatch](https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/).

Seriously, Overwatch is pretty spectacular.

Blizzard games always tend to have that added special touch that really makes them stand out, and Overwatch continues that trend.

With some team-based multiplayer games, they tend to get a bit boring, once you've become so familiar with the maps, and it all starts to just feel like the same thing again and again.
Somehow, Overwatch manages to overcome that. It keeps feeling fresh, never stale.

To start, you have instant access to all 22 "Heroes" in the game, and can choose whichever one to play as. You can switch between them freely while playing as well (as long as you're in a spawn room). If (when) you die during a game, you'll just re-spawn at the current spawn room after a time delay, so you can get back into the action.

Each hero feels distinct, with their own colorful personality, and background. The game launched with 21 heroes, and the 22nd one was recently added, and there'll likely be more to come later as well.

As of writing this, there are 12 different maps, which are chosen randomly (seems random, at least). Each map is vibrant, with different objectives, and requires different strategies in order to make your way to victory. The 13th map will be released fairly soon, with more to come as well.

Each "match", there are two teams, each with 6 people. So with 22 heroes that people can choose from, that gives nearly 400 million different combinations (if I did my math correct) of heroes that you can play with/against on a given match. That probably helps why things always feels fresh and exciting/interesting.

The heroes are divided into different roles/types.
Offensive heroes are typically the fastest, and are able to get in, and cause as much damage as possible. However, the tend to be easiest to kill.
Defensive heroes are great at barricading an area. They can cause massive amounts of damage, and basically stop/slow the other team from reaching a destination.
Tank heroes are basically just to absorb as much damage as possible, so that other teammates can get in there a bit easier.
And then Support heroes, they mostly are there to heal up the team, to keep them from dying.
Since everyone tends to have different play styles, and each hero has their own unique set of abilities, it really opens things up to allow anyone to be able to find the way to play that is the most fun for that person.

I tend to play as either a Defensive hero, or Support hero, so I'm either causing a ton of damage, or healing everyone.
Since each hero has their own unique abilities, some are better at countering specific other heroes. That helps keep things balanced, so it doesn't feel very one-sided. In the heat of a match, if you feel you're being beaten too easily, you can quickly switch to another hero that has specific abilities that can help that situation.

The game also has a pretty smart match-making system, so that you'll be paired up with a group of other people who are similar in skill level as you. So even if you feel like you're having a rough match, the rest of your team may be able to help save the round.
Overall, you should find that you win and lose about the same amount of times.
Nobody likes to lose, but the majority of the time, the match is so much fun that you still feel satisfied.

Another neat thing is that each hero has a bunch of customization options. As you play, you'll earn experience points, and can level up. The only purpose that leveling has is that it grants you a "loot box", which has random customization unlocks for different heroes. These can change how the heroes look, their special voice lines, and other neat enhancements. It adds another fun layer to everything.

Everything just comes together to make the game a ton of fun. I've spent over 100 hours playing, and I know I'll be playing much more.
It probably also helps that a number of co-workers are also playing the game, so it's pretty cool to be able to team up with them.

If I had to come up with a negative about the game, it would be that the loot box system can be a bit frustrating. Since it's random, you don't get to choose what comes out of the box. (You can unlock most things separately, but even that can feel a bit frustrating at times. And I really don't care about unlocking all the "sprays")

Anyway, I've really been enjoying the game, and I love how Blizzard has been constantly updating the game with balances, fixes, and new content. I look forward to playing more.