Just Cause 3 - Game View

Let me start off right away by saying that if you liked Just Cause 2, you will for-sure enjoy Just Cause 3.

If you have not played Just Cause 2, I highly recommend it. You can often pick it up for less than $4 when it's on sale on Steam. Probably even lower during the upcoming Steam Holiday Sale.

In many ways, Just Cause 3 is more-of-the-same compared to Just Cause 2.
Just bigger, louder, and more intense.

Just Cause is basically about going around blowing things up. You'll travel across the map, clearing out different sections one-by-one.
There's enough variation between cities and regions to keep things feeling interesting without feeling too repetitive. And with freedom to play however you want, it keeps things interesting.

There's not too many things in gaming more satisfying than grappling a person to a gas tank, shooting a hole in the tank, and watching it fly off and explode in the air.

Or having a helicopter air-dropped onto a roof. Or even a battleship. Onto a roof. Yes, you can do that.

I finished the story part of the game on Friday. The story is fine. Although it ends up feeling a bit short. And some things happen near the end that made me really disappointed. I was expecting there to be some sudden twist, but the twist never came, and then I reached the end.
That being said, even after reaching the end, you still have a LOT of territory left to clear out. And even after you finish clearing everything, the game makes it easy to "re-oppress" the bases and cities, so you can basically go through everything again. And since there's so many different ways to approach things, and experiment, and blow things up, it's not a pointless feature.

I was expecting Just Cause 3 to be a lot bigger than Just Cause 2. Which would be a monumental task, considering that it's been 5 years and I've already put in over 110 hours into Just Cause 2, and have yet to complete all cities and collect all collectibles.
But with Just Cause 3, I'm at just about 30-hours in, and can already feel the sense of completion nearing.

That's just taking raw "completion" into consideration. Just flying around the map with the wingsuit in Just Cause 3 is a magical experience that one would likely not get tired of any time soon.

But Just Cause 2 had tons of extra collectibles to find, which had another layer to everything. Then again, that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Like an impossible task. So perhaps that was the reasoning to tone down the pointless collectibles. However, now it just feels like I'm just going to be going back to Just Cause 2 for another dozen or so hours to finish that, when I was expecting Just Cause 3 to completely replace that feeling for me.

Basically, in a nutshell, Just Cause 3 is a giant sandbox of exploding things. It's fun.
I'd recommend it, but I'd also still recommend checking out Just Cause 2. (although with caution, since JC2 crashes fairly often on newer computers, it seems.)