Fallout 4 - Day 8 Recap

Getting closer to the end.
A TON of spoilers ahead.

I feel like we're finally going to get some real answers today.
At least, assuming that I don't get too distracted by side quests!

To start, I traveled to the CIT building. Followed the Courser's signal to the nearby Greenetech Genetics.
There, I had to fight my way up to the top of the large building, full of raiders.
Lots of shooting. And accidentally stepping on mines. That's fun. (not fun)

Found the Courser. He put up quite the fight.
Finally, was able to get the chip in his head.

Back to the Memory Den to have the chip analyzed!
Along the way, I was listening to the Minutemen Radio Freedom channel, and apparently there's someone at the Minutemen Castle looking for me. I'll need to remember to stop by and check it out.

Doctor Amari, unfortunately, is unable to do anything with the Courser chip.
But she gave me a good tip, on some people called The Railroad, that may be able to help. To find them, I need to "Follow the Freedom Trail".
I know where to start for that, as I stumbled upon the start of it very early in my quest, but gave up after finding some cryptic clues.
Sounds like I'll need to go back and face it head-on now.

Along the way, I decided to turn in an Overdue Library Book I found, to the local library. The place was crawling with Super Mutants, so I cleared things out.

I also stumbled upon Vault 81. In exchange for some fuel cores, they let me come in. Looks like a healthy community. I'll come back and look around more later, maybe.

Back on the Freedom Trail, I quickly figured out what I was supposed to do. There was some red paths paved on the road, all throughout the city. Followed it past several locations, and wound up at the Old North Church.

(The Freedom Trail is yet another thing that is kind of mind-freaky about how the game takes place in a fictionalized alternate real-world future. Based on real-world locations. It just kind of hit me about how.... Scary this whole thing is.)

Anyway, found my way into the church, and met with the Railroad leader.
Got the needed code. Talked to Virgil. Got some schematics to build a relay to transport me to The Institute.
Everything's finally coming together!

Took the plans to Preston and the Minutemen. Sturges took a look, and we're on our way to get this teleport machine built!

The machine was much easier to build than I anticipated. Turns out that during my travels, I had already picked up all of the necessary parts. Sweet!

And then... ZAP! I have teleported.

This is it... This is really it.. I'm finally going to find out where Shaun is.

As I arrive, I am greeted by a voice. The man calls himself "Father".
Oh boy. This is going to be one of those self-important types, isn't it?

Fairly quickly, I've made some amazing realizations.
Apparently.... Father is... Shaun. And he's an old man now.
This is heavy-duty, Doc.
And he seems so... Cold. Dismissive of his past. Doesn't care what happened to us. To me. To his mother.
I don't think I can truly trust him. Which is a pretty heavy thing to think about, when a father cannot trust his own son.
This game is insane!

Not sure what's going on. The game suddenly is just all over the place now. What do I do now?!
Everyone wants to destroy the Institute, and now I'm supposed to work with the Institute?
This certainly is a lot to take in.


This place is surely insane.
I just cannot wrap my head around it.
It's a huge underground complex, with tons of people, and scientists and doctors, and robots. Not sure what they're all really planning, but I've got a really uneasy feeling about it.

Walked around and met with some of the main doctors, to learn what they claim they're doing. They all seem to be expecting me to join them.
Learned something about Phase 3 testing. Sounds intense..

I found Virgil's old lab, and grabbed the serum he was working on. I hope this helps his 'condition'.
It'll take a week before we know anything.

In the meantime, Nick has an important personal case that he wants help with. So it'll be up to me to help track down some holotapes that have important information on them. I'm sure we'll stumble upon them in time.


I've made a decision.
From here on out, I can basically work for one of four different groups.

The Minutemen
The Railroad
The Brotherhood of Steel
The Institute

Each of them have their own reasons for doing things, and while they all seem to have mostly good intentions, they all rather annoy me.

For now, however, I will go ahead and work with The Institute.

"Father" (Shaun) wants me to go help a Courser reclaim a rogue synth.
This is a very weird thing to think about doing, considering all my experiences up to this point.

Long story short, found the raiders, and was able to help retrieve the rogue synth.

I think it's well past a stopping point. Should rest on all the stuff I found today, and I can find out more stuff tomorrow.