Factorio - Game View

When I first saw heard of Factorio, and looking into it a bit, I was not interested. Building a factory? Why? What's the point?
Well, after hearing more people talking about it, and seeing more game videos on it, I finally decided to give it a try for myself.
I am SO glad that I did.
I feel bad that my initial thought of the game without trying it was so negative, because after playing it, it has become one of my favorite games.
It is so intricate, with many layers.
You start out with basically nothing but a pick and a furnace. You find some mineral areas, and start collecting Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Stone, and Coal. Then you use the furnace to forge the ore into plates, and further on into bigger, more complex objects.
You start crafting items on your own. But this is very time consuming. More complex objects will have dependancies, which require you to first craft some other item first. So you eventually start building fabrication machines, and auto-loaders, and conveyor belts, to transport items from point-to-point, to automatically build smaller objects, to take them to the machines that would build the more complex objects. And before you know it, you have a complete train complex that is bringing in raw material from remote locations.
To complicate matters, you have to research the more advanced processes, which takes time, and crafting "science packs".
All this factory building, generates pollution. The native creatures on the planet will seek out the pollution generators and destroy them. So you also need to worry about defense.
And of course, you need to generate electricity to power everything. Starting out with burning coal, and then building up to solar energy
It's absolutely crazy. And I love it.
So many different layers to the game. And there's a huge mod community, with users creating their own changes/additions/expansions to parts of the game. Much opportunity for sinking a LOT of time into this game, and with the mods it can let you tweak the game to your liking, and keeping everything fresh and new.
The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, so the developer is still adding and changing and updating and improving things. But even as it is right now, it is a super-high-quality game, and I strongly recommend checking it out! Factorio on Steam